3 Lodges in 3 Provinces

Our lodge brochures, rate sheets and newsletters will provide you with an overview of our fishing and waterfowl hunting adventures.  More information can be found on the individual lodge web sites.  After reviewing our information, if you have any questions or if you would like to check availability at any of our lodges please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Yoke Lake, Northwestern Ontario


Slippery Winds Rates, Brochures and Newsletters


Slippery Winds Wilderness Lodge offers our guests the opportunity to angle for six species of Sportfish on six separate lakes.  Trophy walleye, largemouth & smallmouth bass, muskie, lake trout and northern pike can be found in the waters of our lakes.


A maximum guest capacity of only 18 guests, being the only lodge on the lakes and practicing catch-and-release since 1994 have made for an exceptional fishery at Slippery Winds Wilderness Lodge.


Slippery Winds 2018 brochure and rates

Slippery Winds 2018 Brochure and rates

Slippery Winds Fall, 2017 Newsletter

Slippery Winds Fall, 2017 Newsletter



















Wollaston Lake, Northern Saskatchewan


Minor Bay Lodge Rates, Brochures and Newsletters


Wollaston Lake’s Minor Bay Lodge, Home of the Monster Pike, is known for its quality trophy northern pike fishery.  Minor Bay is located in a sheltered bay on the southwest shore of Wollaston Lake – right in the heart of prime fish habitat.  This means our guests don’t need to go for long boat rides or fly out to enjoy great trophy pike fishing.


Minor Bay Lodge Brochure

Minor Bay Lodge 2018 Brochure and Rates

Minor Bay Lodge 2017 newsletter

Minor Bay Lodge Fall, 2017 Newslteer


















Hudson Bay Lowlands, northern Manitoba


Kaska Goose Rates, Brochures and Newsletters:


The Kaska Goose Lodge experience is more than a hunt – it’s an adventure!  The lodge is located where the flyway begins – 650 air miles north of Winnipeg in the Cape Tatnam area of northern Manitoba’s Hudson Bay Lowlands.


Kaska’s guests have the opportunity to hunt lesser snow & blue geese, Ross geese, giant Canada and lesser Canada & Richardson geese as well as a variety of ducks – including American black ducks, and willow ptarmigan.  In addition to the variety of waterfowl species the lodge also offers some exceptional trophy-quality angling for sea-run brook trout.


Kaska 2018 brochure and rates

Kaska Goose Lodge 2018 Brochure and Rates

Kaska 2017 newsletter

Kaska Goose Lodge Fall, 2017 Newsletter